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The Oaky Doaks are not just a club that dances together. Club members form friendship bonds that last a lifetime. Some have been dancing together for decades! And that's because the club doesn't just host 2 dances a month. During the course of the year, we get together for lots of other social events: an Autumn weekend Retreat outside Portland with games & entertainment; a Valentine's Brunch with the men doing the cooking (for a change?); a Spring Beach Trip to Lincoln City with our own "talent" show, beach walks, and Lincoln City-wide "garage-sale-ing"; a summer picnic with laughter-filled sporting competitions (like marshmallow golf!). In between, we enjoy a few seasonal dinners, dance with other clubs, and maybe even have a "Mystery Trip" together.

In spring 2011, the Oregon Ballet Theater performed George Ballanchine's Square Dance. The Oaky Doaks made arrangements to attend a performance together. When OBT got wind of that, they invited the Oaky Doaks to entertain the arriving audience with a live square dance in downtown Portland's Newmark Theater Rotunda. We were honored to do so, and we had a blast with enthusiastic rounds of applause from the onlookers watching from all three levels of the Rotunda! After performing for OBT, the Oaky Doaks were presented with a Poster Signed by the cast of the Oregon Ballet Theater.

We are one of the larger clubs in the Portland metro area with a wide diversity of members, ranging in age from early teens up to octogenarians. Our members come with a wide range of life experiances, from skilled line workers to office staff, from civil servants to medical professionals, from students to managers. We welcome couples, singles, and whole families to join us. And when we are on the dance floor, or sitting around a table sharing a meal, we are all just people and friends. It creates such a welcoming atmosphere at our dances, we might have a few dozen dancers on the floor, while a retired couple will be sitting on the side entertaining the 1 year child of (an unrelated) dancing couple while having a delightful conversation with long-time friends.


If you had to borrow $50 or needed help moving, how many Facebookˇ 'friends' could you really count on? Well... at the Oaky Doaks, you wouldn't be let down! Back


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