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Twice a year-- we host extended classes so you can learn the basics of both square and round dancing. Classes are held Thursday evenings at Oak Grove Community Club (14496 SE Cedar, Oak Grove), and run 15-20 weeks to give students a thorough foundation. The first class is free, so you can 'test the waters'. Subsequent lessons are just $5 per evening. After a couple of weeks, the classes are closed to new students to give you a chance to become proficient in what you've already been taught. while learning new moves in a relaxed, laughter-filled atmosphere.


Beginning in September, we teach Round Dancing. This includes both Two-Step and Waltz classes. This is where you get to dance with a specific person and enjoy the flow of the melody while you dance the rhythm of the songs. Round dancing incorporates turns, shuffles, lively steps, pauses, direction changes and different dance positions. And you can learn it all -- right here. (See Calendar)

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Round Dance Classes are taught by Helen Halley, who was introduced to cueing in May 2009. Since then, she has enjoyed receiving the gracious help of experienced cuers from far and near. Helen has been a member of Roundalab and ORTDA (Oregon Round Dance Teachers Association) since early 2011. She was hired by the Oaky Doaks in May 2011, and continues to enjoy the journey of learning to be a better dancer and cuer.



Beginning in January, we teach Modern Western Square Dancing. This is lots of fun and provides a great social environment plus physical and mental exercise. Each week of class, we add a few more moves so that, by May, students will have mastered all of Mainstream Square Dancing. In each square, you and 7 others will be moving together as you work out the intricate puzzle that leads from one configuration to another; all while you are changing partners and positions. When you get to the end, you find yourself 'back home' with a huge smile of accomplishment. (See Calendar)

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Classes are taught by Mike Halley, who got the itch to call square dances when he saw how much fun his brother was having doing the same. Since then, they have enjoyed a friendly sibling rivalry to be better than the other. In the end, Mike knows it's "all about having fun" for both the dancers and the caller. And that's his aim for you: Having Fun.


Helen Halley, Cuer for the Oaky Doaks


Mike Halley, Caller for the Oaky Doaks


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And it is amazing... just a few weeks of either lessons

and you'll find yourself easily dancing through moves

you first thought were too hard to follow.

And all this with a smile on your face, too!

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